Cookie information notice

What is a cookie? All about cookies
Every time you visit a website, the browser stores a small file in the device you have used to browse: that file is called cookie.
Cookies are used to keep websites active, as well as allow the relevant site managers to monitor the online website activity.
There are session cookies and persistent cookies; persistent cookies are permanently stored, session cookies are deleted every time the browser is closed down.
There are also technical cookies and third party cookies: the first ones directly come from the website you have visited, while the second ones come from other websites.

Which cookies are used on this website?
The table below shows all the types of cookies used on our website. Each has a specific function.


Browsing Cookies

Allow websites to properly function. They recognize Country of website user and consequently show the website in the user's language. They also allow you to log in your account, manage customized texts and orders; moreover, they remember yourself and your information every time you access the relevant website.

Functional Cookies

Are able to enhance your experience of our website. For instance, they allow our website to remember all your data by your express request.

Analytical Cookies

Allow systems such as Google Analytics to analyse browsing statistics: for instance, how many users access by computer or other mobile devices, or which pages of the website are the most visited ones, or how long the visits last. All these data are very useful to allow a better browsing experience to be achieved. We carry out an anonymous data collection we only use for statistical purposes. And this only occurs in the event the service provider avails itself of cookies that connect to your browser.

Third Party Cookies for marketing/retargeting

Work to show you some interesting content from websites different from the one you are visiting. They also inform the website you are visiting about which content or product is the most interesting to you. To do this, they only need to base their function on your browsing history, i.e. they propose you subjects similar to the ones you have already seen. These cookies connect to the browser you have visited our website by.

How to disable cookies
Nearly all browsers can configure cookie settings. That does not mean that those settings cannot manually be modified. But do not forget that both browsing cookies and functional cookies allow every websites function to be implemented; so, if you will disable their storing, some browsing troubles could occur.

Here we explain how to disable cookies in the main browsers.
Here you can find additional in-depth analyses regarding third party cookies or marketing/retargeting cookies, as well as information about how to manage or disable them.
Here you can disable analytical cookies avoiding that Google Analytics can use them for analyses and statistics that also relate to your browsing experience.