ROSACOMETTA is one of the leading European manufacturers of concrete block machinery.
In 1904, two partners, Rosa and Cometta, started the manufacturing of small manually operated machines for the production of concrete block. In later years, they began manufacturing a dynamic compression type machine (the “Rammers” model), developing a more complete range of concrete block types which continued to expand their business.

Vibro-compression models manufactured by the Company were first introduced to International markets shortly after the Second World War. Following the death of the two founders, the Company was officially registered under the ROSACOMETTA name.
Rosacometta soon established an excellent reputation as a result of high quality products and constant Research and application of the best technology available. This combination has provided continuing successful growth for the Company. Further grown has developed through designing and constructing fully automated plants, continually improving systems for the batching and mixing of aggregates and cement, and for the actual production of finished blocks.

In the past ROSACOMETTA developped in own organization a “Departement for Study New Tecnology” in order to be in the van on the international markets. Factory trained technicians are utilised to assist in the assembling and start up of new automated plants at customer’s site. Technical courses can also be provided for the operators of these automated plants enabling the customer to obtain the most productive application of the equipment in the shortest possible time.
ROSACOMETTA precisely offers a complete range of models with a wide variety of production capacities, from the small V.5 capable of approximately 700 blocks per day up to, and including, fully automated plants capable of more than 25,000 standard blocks in an eight hour shift.

All ROSACOMETTA machines are very versatile with a capability to produce a wide range of block sizes and shapes by simply changing the moulds. Construction block for bearing and unbearing walls, floor block, outside paving units, screen/wall fences of various design, interlocking blocks and others to customers’ drawing or patent can all be produced on ROSACOMETTA machines.


ESB srl is born on January 30th 2014 and boasts many important references on the Italian and international market. First of all, it has a production facility in Israel, thanks the collaboration with a producer of concrete products, then it has some distributors in Norway and Sweden, a production cooperation with an important local producer in southern Italy, and many agencies all around the world, and designers and enterprises which operate in Italy.

The lightweight blocks SMARTBLOCK for infill walls, born after a long shared research work, is a flagship for ESB, as much as the EASYBLOCK range. The ESB know-how comes from the knowledge of three companies, which operate in the building sector for decades. This know-how is intended to a sudden divulgation all around the world. Edilteco is the best example: even though, the company of San Felice sul Panaro cares about the bond with its roots, it boasts an ante-litteram international vocation. In fact, it has productive partners from over forty countries; they are enterprises which believe in Edilteco value and in its made in Italy technical know-how, and have bought its exclusive technology, producing in this way Edilteco’s products in their countries.

ESB Srl follows the path of EdiltecoManu-Cem and MCL Costruzioni Italia, thanks which it is born. Thanks its cutting-edge, but easy to use, technology, thought for an efficient buildings thermal and/or acoustic insulation, ESB wants to promote a comfortable and sustainable construction, intended to the energy saving.